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File Rift

File Rift makes it easy for you to transfer your files from one device to another.

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Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework

With the Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework, or TSQPF in short, you can modify and expand your Teamspeak 3 servers features. The framework is easy to use and open source.

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NET Watchdog

Periodically scan for service outages and react to them using webhooks.

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Meet the team

Here are the minds which actively come up with solutions to problems of all kinds.

Michael Wiesinger

Lead Backend Developer, Network Administrator

Klaus Scheiböck

Backend Developer

Sandro Kierner

Project Management, UI/UX Design

Leon Sterner

Public & Customer Relations

Daniel Wimmer

UI/UX Design, Backend Developer

Fabian Gurtner

Backend Developer, Security Specialist

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