- Our Goal -

Planning, developing, testing and deploying software and web solutions.

About Us

VortexdataNET was founded back in July 2018 by a small group of software and web developers. Some of them worked on "DevClan.de" and/or "U-Phoria.eu", which was shut down in the same year. VortexdataNET was then founded to combine the knowledge of all developers and speed up the development of future apps and software.

DevClan.de (VarChar42, Klaus_md5)
U-Phoria.eu (TAXSET)

We are segmented into multiple smaller teams, each one focusing on one specific segment: Vortexdata Web, Vortexdata Interactive and Vortexdata Software. Vortexdata Web is designing and developing web presences for first- and/or third-parties, Vortexdata Interactive manages our Teamspeak server and develops games and Vortexdata Software is involved in all projects establishing software solutions.


If you have any questions or requests you can always contact us via email at contact@vortexdata.net.