True to our core-values: All our services are designed to be flexible and easy for our clients to configure and combine. We want to make the various aspects of the digital world as easy to understand and handle as possible.

IT & Hosting

Digital office resources
IT in office

Digital systems are awesome. However, all of them are pretty useless if you or your customers have no way of accessing them. This is where our IT and hosting services come in.

From serving websites to users, storing data and backups, setting up digital infrastructure of your office like WIFI, networking, PCs, laptops... We do it all.

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Web, software and game development
Software is used by everyone in one way or another.

Software is the force that drives everything in our digital age. From the website your customers visit to automation software that’s taking care of otherwise tedious tasks like accounting or inventory management.

Another field which software is important in is data unification and analysis. Analyzing the data collected from day-to-day operations with the right software can provide invaluable insight in what’s going on in your business, which aspects need optimization or how to adjust your sales strategies.

With our experience, we can develop pretty much everything our customers ask for in the fields of UI/UX design, web-, app-, custom software, API- and game development.

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Expert level advice on digital projects
GIving advice on everything digital

With all projects it is important to start at the right place. And this is even more important for digital projects as having to change systems midway will result in higher costs, time requirements and downtimes.

With our expertise we offer help and expert-level advice on everything digital to help you avoid common pitfalls, keeping cost down and boosting your progress.

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Keeping things running
Physical server infrastructure

Digital security has grown to be the biggest concern for most companies as many have gone bankrupt as a direct result of the insurmountable cost and consequences of catastrophic IT incidents.

Our security services help mitigate the risk of these incidents occurring and provide disaster recovery plans and strategies.

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Working together

Here's how we can work together
Getting to work together

Project by project

For one-time needs like IT upgrades or website development — we work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline.

Continuous collaboration

Ideal for companies that have ongoing needs — we work with you to build out the deliverables needed to drive your plans, campaigns and projects.

Examples for this kind of collaboration are cloud based server hosting solutions.

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