Providing scalable, flexible and performant IT and hosting solutions.


Future-proof, flexible and robust solutions

Digital systems are awesome. However, all of them are useless if you or your customers have no way of accessing them. This is where our IT and hosting services come in.

From serving websites to users, storing data and backups, setting up digital infrastructure of your office like WIFI, networking, PCs, laptops... We do it all.

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Laying foundation for robust solutions

System Design

Designing systems that are highly scalable and robust might sound overkill, but it will help avoid painfully high expenses and downtimes in the long run.

IT Services

Infrastructure for collaboration

System & Hardware Installation

Installing new systems like laptops, PCs or local storage servers.

Hardware & System Troubleshooting

Things break. That’s just how it is. But a broken system does not mean the entire system has to be replaced.

Application, Update & Device Management

Keeping track of what’s running on what machine can be quite the hassle at scale, so if you’re looking to outsource that work, our engineering teams will unify these systems, update and application management.

LAN, WIFI Installation & Management

Are you experiencing slow speeds, regular network interruptions, or are you just looking for a general upgrade? We offer troubleshooting, design and implementation services custom tailored to your networking needs.

Hosting Services

Providing flexible platforms
Server infrastructure

Server Setup & Maintenance

Our engineering teams can set up server hosting solutions that are either hosted in datacenters or in your office for high-performance requirements.

Service Hosting

In case you require hosting for any of our services or already existing systems: Our global server infrastructure provides our customers with 99% uptime, backup systems and 24/7 monitoring.

Backup & Restoration Service

It’s not a matter of if, but when and how things go wrong. Therefore, it is vital to have backup and recovery plans in place in case that things go wrong.

Cloud Services

Tools supporting collaboration

Microsoft 365

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Microsoft 365 tools are key to successfully managing assets and documents of small- to large-scale businesses. Products include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as more advanced systems like Active Directory. We offer licensing of these tools as well as their maintenance.