Software is the force that drives everything in our digital age. From the website your customers visit to automation software that’s taking care of otherwise tedious tasks like accounting or inventory management.

Software developer working on software

Driving force of growth and efficiency

Software is the force that drives everything in our digital age.

From the website your customers visit to automation software that’s taking care of otherwise tedious tasks like accounting or inventory management.

Another field which software is important in is data unification and analysis. Analyzing the data collected from day-to-day operations with the right software can provide invaluable insight in what’s going on in your business, which aspects need optimization or how to adjust your sales strategies.

With our experience, we can develop pretty much everything our customers ask for in the fields of UI/UX design, web-, app-, custom software, API- and game development.

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UI/UX Design

Designing user experiences

No matter how good a software is at its core, if the user experience is bad, the software is useless.

Most applications, especially ones targeted at consumers, have to provide a way for users to effectively and quickly interact with them. In most cases it’s through the use of user interfaces. The process of coming up with a solution to this problem is called UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design.

Thus UI/UX conceptualization, design and implementation have been one of our main focuses since the very beginning. Our design team has worked on hundreds of different projects: Websites, mobile apps, desktop software, and even comparatively simple console applications. And with each project their knowledge and skills have improved.


Web service development
Woman browsing a website

Static Sites

Static sites, as the name implies, are sites which’ contents cannot be changed. They are the most economical option for small- to medium scale businesses which don’t plan to change their sites content very often. Additionally, they also require less development time and are easier to optimize (e.g., load times).

Looking for an economical option to represent yourself or your business? Static websites are the most cost-effective website option for sites which’s contents don’t require a lot of changes or additions over time.

Dynamic Sites

Dynamic sites are perfect if you are looking for a site solution in which you can easily change and adjust its content yourself. Depending on the projects complexity and goals we use technologies like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Jimdo, Shopify or custom systems to ensure our customers get the most cost-effective product.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps, or PWA for short, are websites that are more than a conventional website. They can basically act like dedicated apps as they can be installed just like an app and viewed without connection to the internet.

These features make this technology perfect for online tools like product configurators.

Content Development and Management

The main goal of every website is to provide valuable and interesting content. Producing and curating this content can be quite tedious and time consuming. Additionally, the authors of website contents should be knowledgeable and experiences in writing content for the web, as to structure it in a way that search engines can easily serve it to potential customers.

We provide services for developing and managing our customers websites content and media for them, so they don’t have to spend the time and money themselves.

Wordpress Themes & Plugins

One of the most important aspects of your website is its look. It should be interesting, easy to use, but most importantly, unique. A website is your digital storefront: If it isn’t unique, customers might forget about it and your business.

WordPress sites suffer a lot from this issue as many aren’t aware of it. We can develop a custom theme or plugin from scratch to give your websites a unique look or functionality that others don’t have.

App Development

Installable software
App on smartphone

Unlike websites, apps are programs that are installed directly on the devices they will be used on. These include Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Android, Apple iOS, and Linux machines.

Apps can vary widely in terms of functionality. There are ones for smart phones, then there are ones that automate certain aspects of your business, then there are apps for other tasks like accounting, finance, project- or workforce management.

There are practically no limits to what can be done with software nowadays.


Custom software development
Custom plan

In some cases, there is no already existing software available for what a client wants to do. Some of these cases include automating client specific processes, monitoring or special backup strategies.

Our software engineering teams are very experienced in developing such systems. They are most experienced with the following types: System and process automation, monitoring, backup solutions, debug systems, development tools and utilities


Backend & API Development

APIs, or application programming interface, are systems which applications use to e.g., persist data in a database, send messages to servers or otherwise enable communication between different applications. They are the backbone to most of the web and other software applications.


Interactive Experiences
Custom plan

Virtual- and augmented reality apps allow you to show off and demonstrate your products and their functionality to potential customers without having to bring the actual product itself.

These systems are heavily used in architectural or heavy-duty projects.